Opened my new Kindle Touch Wifi yesterday. My wife bought it for me as an anniversary gift since I broke my previous Kindle screen. Below is the video of me opening it – I know… a cheesy thing, but hey it was fun to do!

Here are my first thoughts on the Kindle Touch.

Ad Support

We bought the cheaper with the ad support. Don’t know if I like that idea yet. I might of shimmied up the extra bone$ to get the non-ad version, but they might become less obnoxious as the days transpire.

There is an ad on the main screen when the Kindle Touch is asleep. There is also a small banner ad at the bottom of the “home screen.”

I had hacked my previous Kindle to show my own images and not the preloaded images. I do miss that. The ads aren’t as pretty as my wife. I wish they would not have the ad on the bottom of the homescreen. I feel defrauded as I thought the ads would only be on the sleep screen.


I am spoiled with the iPhone’s ecosystem of touch-ability, so I was a little skeptical as to how they could pull this technology off on an e-ink reader.

To my surprise, the touch technology is easy and accommodating.

To access the “menu” you touch the screen at the top and it brings up the navigation options.

To turn a page you can touch the right/left side to go to the next/previous page.

To advance to the next chapter you can swipe up the screen or swipe down to go back a chapter.

To highlight, touch the word for a sec and then drag your finger to the end of the highlight. I don’t know how to highlight if the passage continues to the next page. Any hints you have would be welcomed.

To look a word up or add a note, touch the word for a sec and the menu options will appear.

The keyboard is accurate and responds quicker than I anticipated.

Overall Response

I think this is a great buy for the avid reader, but you will need a new case! The Kindle Touch has the same screen size but because it doesn’t have a tactile keyboard, so its a couple inches shorter.

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