My son is only 18months old, but I am already teaching him what the “triple threat” position is in basketball. Its so cute to watch him squat into position holding the ball in response to me saying “triple threat.”

In basketball, the triple threat position is the foundational stance that you can “pass, dribble, or shoot” from.

As Christ followers, we have a triple threat position by which the scriptures come alive to us.

Ezra, the Old Testament high priest, models this for us in Ezra 7.

Ezra had committed himself to studying the Revelation of God, to living it, and to teaching Israel to live its truths and ways.
(Ezra 7:10 MSG)

We learn God’s Word by studying it. Paul tells Timothy that we are showing ourselves approved to the calling when we study God’s Word (2 Timothy 2:15).

But, intellectual knowledge isn’t lifechanging. Knowledge becomes power when we live it. Knowing how to perform CPR is good, but when someone needs CPR and we know what to do but all we do is watch, what we know is useless. Knowledge is proved useful when we use it and live by it. James, a very educated man, tells the Christians that to know what to do and not to do it is sin. (James 4:17)

By living God’s truth we experience it’s power. I am a string believer that a man with an argument is at the mercy of the man with an experience.

Living God’s Word becomes easier as we learn it and one of the best ways to learn God’s Word is to teach it to others.

When we teach it, we not only understand it better but we become accountable to live by what we teach.

We all have someone we can teach it to. Our kids. Our family, friends, neighbors… Whoever we see that needs to hear about what we know and have experienced.

Following Christ and fulfilling our calling is requires a triple threat approach. We have to learn it, live it, and teach it.

One thought on “The Christian’s Triple Threat: Learn. Live. Teach

  1. I do get so wrapped up I froegt to eat. Well, not so much froegt as enter fugue state of obsessive concentration in which stopping task seems completely impossible .The metabolic crashes, extreme irritability, and subsequent stupid errors and brain fartage that result from this have led to the formulation of this proverb:Not stopping for lunch is a false economy of time and resources.

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