What do you creatively do with several hundred feet of pipe? You cut it up of course! And that’s what we did. Based on an idea Jared Wells had, inspired by honeycomb, we drew it up and went to work.

I have to admit, when I draw things, they always look easier when they are on paper. Here is what I mean…

… doesn’t it look easy?… Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Cutting the pipe into 3 1/2″ segments took forever and each frame demanded 380+ pieces each! I think if I would have drawn 380+ circles in the draft, I’d of rethought the whole thing.

We then took the cut pipe and using PVC Cement, we glued them into the 5’x7′ frame. It took 3 hours to glue one frame with 3 people working on it. It took me 3 days to do the second by myself. God bless Michael McCrave and his son for coming after work helping me out with the first frame and filling it and building the second frame. You guys are priceless!

We also built a second screen to fly to compliment the screen we built for Rethinking Church. Big thanks to my buddy Jameson, for helping me out on his day off and building the frame for the screen.

But the real magic happened when Wes, Jared and I put it all together. We reused the 12′  pvc columns that were used for a series a couple of years ago called “Get Wired.

We looked at our work and said, “It is good.” But then we lit it up – well… Jared, our Tech Director, lit it up and it’s amazing what some lights can do to some 750+ PVC holes.

Final Look

Behind the Scenes

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