I’m having one of the those days where nothing seems to be
working. From the simple things like the image that said it loaded
but never showed up to the “daunting” task of installing my son’s
car seat. (I use daunting in the most sincere way even though the
task itself seems very simple) I know these little things like the
cell phone carrier giving my wife a “call failed”… again
shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but they seem to be today. That is
until I remembered the verse I was quoting in the shower. (oh the
think tank that a shower is)

Blessed are the meek
for they will inherit the earth.

In reality,
these daunting mishaps that I ranted about are not that big of a
deal. I’m lucky to have these problems. They are rich man frustrations. As I reflect on the photo of tents canvasing the Haitian land while they recover from a massive devastation from a year ago, I’m reminded at how much I have and take for granted. The fact I can afford the technology I’m holding in my hand to type this while my wife is in Hobby Lobby is a reason for me to control
my attitude. Control. That’s what meek is. Strength under control. The dictionary says meek is humbly patient under provocation from others.
As you go through your day and things provoke you
and get you frustrated to be patient and in control. The kingdom of
God belongs to those who do this.

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