Telling someone your goal makes it less likely it will happen. Psychologists say when you get affirmation from others from mentioning our goals creates a sense of satisfaction that keeps us from actually accomplishing it. The euphoric feeling you get while mentioning it and having people applaud your dream will pacify you from making the action steps to accomplish it.

I would ask Cassie if she would ever let me go sky diving. I would make small statements like, “that would be fun.” “I would love to do that.” Each time I would say that, people would say, “you would?.. wow… I would never do that.” In a way, that would make me feel better about the goal I set.


Until, my 29th birthday and I open a card from my wife and it is a gift certificate to go sky diving.

I conveniently put it off, until when I had made up my mind to do it, the class was cancelled for lack of participation and I didn’t pursue it any more.

So if you really want to accomplish your goals. Keep them to yourself.

(View the TED Talk by Derek Sivers)

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