Last Sunday was my first time to speak to all our Westside campuses as we launched our new series called GODtxt.

It was a special experience for me. I never would have seen myself in this situation 3 years ago. At that time, I was coming to Westside after resigning from Crown Pointe Church to learn as much as I could about ministry in a larger church. I began volunteering here as a drummer/keyboard player for the WFC worship team. I didn’t dream this journey would give me the opportunity to speak here.

I am grateful to our leadership for trusting me with this opportunity; and for God doing something greater than who I am. (Does that not sound like I giving a speach at the ESPY’s?… I’d like to thank my coach and my mom and dad…)

I spoke on Why and How to read God’s Text message. It was a fun topic to prepare and speak on and it created a desire to do it again.

It was a challenge to speak 4 times in the same day. The first service was okay. The second service was easier. The third service, I began to think, “have I said this already to this crowd?” the last service at 5p was hard to get my energy level up but it went good. The challenge is to be consistent for each service.

This past weekend had to be one a top 5 experience in ministry.

You can view the message here.

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