2 Ancient Ordinances

Today we focused on two ancient ordinances of the church…Communion & Baptism.

At the end of worship we took communion. I centered communion around what Christ has done for us by bringing us life change. As soon as we finished communion we went into today’s message which was the top 10 reasons People Don’t get baptized.

We followed the message up by asking people to get baptized. It was a spontaneous ask. We baptized 5 people today. It was great.

Having everyone in the aquatic center of the school was electric as we baptized these people who were making their next step in following Christ. Following the baptism was a great opportunity to cast the vision of why we are here in Olathe.

I’m looking forward to seeing God continue to bring Life change through the Olathe Campus.

Here are some pics from today’s baptisms.

Westside’s Largest Baptismal

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