This is more of a Series Reflect than a weekend reflect (mainly cause I haven’t written a weekend reflect in a couple of weeks.)

What if the Church started 3 years ago with 3 churches and this year we had 24 churches in the Kansas City Metro. This year the Olathe Campus teamed up with the Westside Speedway Campus and Village Community Church in Kansas City, KS.

Today, I spoke and worshiped with my new friends at VCC. They meet in a Piper Elementary School. They are 3 year-oldĀ  church plant and have a great ministry to the Piper School District as they are engaging others in taking their next step towards Christ.

Our series was centered on the Prodigal Son story in Luke 15. Each pastor took one of the 3 characters – the younger son, the older brother, and the father- spoke on The Big Mistake, The Big Miss, and The Big Party.

The big idea of the series was: What if we joined God in His mission?

The Main Idea of my Teaching:
Let’s Give Heaven a Reason to Celebrate.

I enjoyed speaking and getting to do it various settings: a school theater, a movie theater, and a school gym. Since I hadn’t spoke in a while, it was nice to hone in on one message and communicate it 3 weeks in a row.

We have a worship night this Wednesday in Downtown KC on the South Lawn of the Convention Center. It will be a cool backdrop as we wrap up this series with the 24 other churches.

I’ll be taking some pics from that night (now that I’m a picture nazi!) and posting them as well as pics from our Serve day this Saturday.

More info about the What if the Church series can be found at

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