Last Saturday I ran my first half marathon at the Olathe Marathon. It was something I had wanted to do this year and with our baby boy due in June I knew that if I were to do this, the time was now.

So with only 6 weeks to train and the help of Jason Mills (Mr. Marathon – he’s running the Boston in a couple of days) I finished strong with a time of 1:49:19 and a pace of 8:21/mile. My goal was to break the 2hr mark and it felt good to blow it away.

It was cool to see a couple of Westsider’s on the course, one volunteering and one running.

Here are some pics from that day.


Coming to Mile 3
That's me coming up to the finish line
About to cross...
I did it!
Getting my medal for completing the race
Looking for the closest water bottle and bed.
Scott Roach and I after the finish. I'm really holding on to him so I don't fall.


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