This weekend was on the radar for several people. Westside was in our 3rd week of “Impact” and we talking about community impact. Pastor Matt, our Community Impact Pastor was casting the vision for the many ministries and partnerships we have through the KC Metro, specifically in urban Kansas City, KS.

It was on our radar, because we believe we have been called to make an Impact on our community. It was also on someone else’s radar because of the potential 5000+ people catching a vision of having an Impact in their community would bring.

We have things go wrong every week. It’s part of being in a culture where we produce such a highly involved service with media and various elements. But this weekend had different barriers.

I’m not a “devil behind every corner” kind of person. Nor am I ignorant of his potential and ability to discourage and create chaos.

This weekend, was on his radar. Here were two of several things that went awry.

Saturday, our Lenexa campus sound system goes out. Yes. Out. A power supply to something important (Jared would know the exacts) went kaput.

On Sunday, I was driving the Olathe Campus trailer and because of the snow:

1) I couldn’t get it out of the space it was parked. After 20 min of trying we were successful.
2) I couldn’t get it into the parking lot of the school to unload. While trying a different approach, the van pulling the trailer became stuck, placing us way behind schedule and conflicting with the needed time we have to setup.

I begin to go into back up plan. We are calling people who might be able to tow us out or pull the trailer in, but no luck. Robert, our worship leader, runs home to get the back-up plan: an acoustic and a small sound system.

Here’s the cool part

On Saturday, Jared figured out a solution with minutes to spare before service.

On Sunday, a man named Nathan, who had just finished plowing his morning lots comes by 15 min later and clears the entry and hooks the 8,000lb trailer to his 4×4 and pulls it to the landing.

By 9:15a, we have the school set up and are making last minute adjustments for a 9:30a start.

Our volunteers were amazing! Making it happen despite adverse conditions.

Our Student Ministries Pastor was cheerleading the whole gang and our people heard a great message on community Impact.

I’m grateful for our team at Westside and for the volunteers that serve at our Olathe Campus. They are ALL IN!

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