Since I’ve declared my stance on this subject, let me reiterate that nothing has been proven with these allegations, other than “many former players have come forward with stories of insensitive comments they claim Mangino made to them in the heat of games and practice. (Read more:”

Also, I am not a college football expert, just a college football fan.

That being said, here are my reasons that Coach Mangino (M) should remain at Kansas.

  1. Kansas’ performance is par for the talent on the team. I know that KU’s returning class was strong from the recent years where they unbelievably won an Orange Bowl and did well last year, however – compared to the talent of other schools in the big 12, they are lacking in position-to-position match-ups with other Big 12 schools. Their record (1-6) shows that gap of talent in the Big 12 North.
  2. Lew Perkins created an unhealthy expectation by giving Coach M a huge raise. KU did the unexpected, by winning an Orange Bowl and having a successful season the year after. However, Perkin’s gave Coach M a huge raise and with that raise came an unrealistic expectation. I’m not saying that Coach M didn’t deserve a raise, I just don’t think that he should have received that large of one.Now that he’s one of the highest paid coaches in the NCAA, he now has the expectancy to take a mediocre team and have them perform on the level of Florida and Texas. With the gap between Lew’s expectation and KU’s performance, someone has to be responsible for the money being shelled out and without having high numbers in the Wins column. So the cowardly reaction is to put the heat on who’s under you, and that’s what Lew is doing instead of looking into the future and seeing the potential of havingĀ  a winning program.Own up Lew and get over yourself! Give Coach M a chance to create a winning program!
  3. Where were these complaints when KU was winning? If these are former players, then where were they last year? It shows a lack of integrity to dig up dirt to get rid of someone. Current players are supporting their coach. Doesn’t that say enough? Here is Meier’s comments:”For everything Coach has done for us, if we could do anything to give back, we’re going to try to do it,” Meier said. “We’re behind him 100 percent because he’s brought us to where we are today and we’re going to try to get him another victory this Saturday.'(‘Read more: )
  4. Let the coach’s record speak for itself. Coach M is ONE WIN AWAY just one win away from tying KU’s 99-year-old record for most coaching victories.
  5. He’s a coach of a college football team not your Pop Warner team. Parents need to get over the fact that a coach put his finger in his/her son’s chest. The players need to man up and take the heat and get better. Don’t act like you need to be on the sideline with the cheerleaders.

Okay, I feel better knowing that’s off my chest… and if you actually read this and have an opinion, let me know your point of view.

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