Cassie and I went downtown this morning to take some photos for our Christmas card this year. We are going to go a non-traditional approach to our cards this Christmas.

For those that were passing by as we took these pics, we were a humorous site as this was our set-up: A really nice tripod that cost more than my camera.
At least my camera had a reliable 10-sec timer.

The goal was to find all the cool doors we could and get some pics with them. Here are a couple of the pics from today.

I can’t wait to show you all the pics, but until then, here is a teaser. Look for more in a couple weeks. They will be worth it… Promise…

2 thoughts on “Photo Shoot Downtown

    1. Thanks Julie. That door is down in the West Bottoms near 12th St. and the haunted houses. I can't remember exactly where because we went down every street.

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