I don’t remember much about this past weekend. Not because nothing happened, but because I wasn’t feeling the greatest. Saturday, my day consisted of the CVS minute clinic and the couch because of “acute bronchitis.” Saturday was about getting an antibiotic and as much rest as I could with a headache and a fever. I was on for drums the next day too.

Knowing how hard it is to find a replacement for the night before – especially with songs we were playing, and the fact that I love to be involved in the worship, no matter what it is – I didn’t want to call Jason, our Music Director, and tell him I was sick. So, lets say I played not feeling 100%.

After watching the video of the 10a service in our debrief the worship was great! Yesterday, all I was thinking about was – “don’t pass out,” “what’s up next,” “stay with the click,” “can’t hear the click – wait, my ear is clogged,” “hope my ear uncloggs – shew, glad it just unclogged.” Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little on the pass out thought, but the ear clog thoughts did happen.

I watched the message from yesterday again this evening: Prayer means to join God’s agenda and give up our agenda.

A great part of the day was before the message when Dan talked on the reason why we play a secular song every now and then in our weekend services. He referenced that Paul would quote the modern philosophers of his day and some of the philosophers of our day are songwriters. It’s the way we connect our message with the unchurched.

I’ll post the segment tomorrow of what he said.

Set list

Alive And Running (Kristian Stanfill: Attention)
Marvelous Light (Christy Nockels: Life Light Up)
How He Loves (David Crowder Band: Church Music)
Rise (Robbie Seay Band: Give Yourself Away)

Saturday Band

Bass: Steve Palmer
Drums: James Wooten
Electric Guitar: Troy Kennedy (Worship Leader)
Electric Guitar: Alex Gingles
Keys: Lori Klahn
Vocals: Debbie McNeil

Sunday Band

Bass: Jason Mills / Jeff Bangs
Drums: Kasey Robinson
Electric Guitar: Troy Kennedy (Worship Leader)
Electric Guitar: Matt Anzalone
Keys: Lori Klahn
Vocals: Christina Estes


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