You’ve met them before. You have even worked for them. Some of you are an a relationship with one of these people. If you don’t relate with any of the above, then I’m so happy to break the news to you that you are this person that can’t admit any wrong.

One thing that peeves me is a leader or anyone, for that matter, who cannot tell you they were wrong and take responsibility for their action or decision.

Many people are deceived when they think that they have to always be right. They believe that admitting that they are wrong shows a weakness to their employees or family and devalues their authority or compromises their need to be superior.

This type of scenario comes from the lowest form of influence. Their influence is based on their position and their position.

This form of leading, is the least effective form of influence.

If you are a leader who can’t say “I Was Wrong,” please get over yourself and allow your vulnerability before others to show.

When we admit we are wrong:

  1. We gain trust. Everyone else knows you are wrong and when you admit it, you build the trust of others. To not admit we are wrong and to act as if we are right is the same as being dishonest to everyone and dishonesty breeds distrust.
  2. We become stronger. To admit you are wrong actually creates an opportunity for you to grow. Failures lead to success.
  3. We create a climate of integrity and improvement. When we admit we are wrong, others will have the security to admit when they are wrong and will begin to improve and grow from their failures.

    A story was told of a company who just promoted a young associate to be the lead on a sale with a million dollar deal. After months of preparation the young associate made a big mistake and lost the account. When the CEO was before the board, the board asked if the CEO if he was going to fire him and the CEO responded: “We can’t fire him. We just invested a million dollars into this man.”

  4. We lead out of our person instead of our position. Instead of others following us because we are the boss or manager, people will follow you because of who you are.

Lead strong and be willing to admit you were wrong.

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