I’m going to make this short, just because I’m tired.

We had a good weekend. There that’s it. Told ya short.

Okay, I’ll give a little more detail.

Today was a fun day. Troy led and I was on drums. We started off with Salvation is Here, but we added a twist. We put in a verse of “Carry on My Wayward Son” and the solo and outro section of the Kansas tune too. It was enjoyable watching the different crowds respond to the song.

After that we went into Troy’s song, “Better Than Life.” Then we did “How He Loves” and “Song of Hope.”

Dan preached the 3rd part of a series we’re in called “Stuffed.” He talked discerning authenticity.

He had a pretty good analogy. When a boat’s engine isn’t running well you will be able to tell that something’s wrong if there is something left in the wake. A boat that isn’t running well will leave an oil residue behind.

He paralleled that to our lives. We leave behind a wake with every person we meet and interact with. Are we living a life that is authentic with what we believe and speak?

Set List

Salvation Is Here
Carry On Wayward Son
How He Loves
Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)

Saturday Team

Bass: Tom Casey
Drums: Caleb Baker
Electric Guitar: Troy Kennedy (Worship Leader)
Electric Guitar: Jimmy Nickelsen
Keys: Jason Morris
VOX: January Lare

Sunday Team

Bass: Jeff Bangs
Drums: Kasey Robinson
Electric Guitar: Troy Kennedy (Worship Leader)
Electric Guitar: Jason Morris
Keys: Lori Klahn
VOX: January Lare

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