Treasure Hunt Week 2: O Captain, My Captain

Summer is always unpredictable! Some Sundays, you can have a lot of families gone and others you can have a lot of people back.

Then you add weather. Some days, thunderstorms can be in the area producing such loud rumbles that its overpowering your sound (like last week). Other weekends could be miserably hot.

Or you could have a weekend like this July weekend in Kansas where it was in the 70’s and low 80’s! Perfect! I was afraid that the nice weekend would keep people from coming, but I think our crowds were up from last week.

We continued our series on Treasure Hunt, taking the passage from Matthew 6 where Jesus tells us that we can not serve two masters. We creatively named it. “O Captain, My Captain.”

Pastor Dan, though not feeling good, preached Sat night and the three morning services. We played the video for the 5 o’clock service so Pastor Dan could get some rest. That was a first this year. It was interesting to see the people react to the video teaching.

Pastor Troy led worship on Saturday and I had the privilege of leading on today.

People were really responding to worship at each service. It was a fun day to lead. Our band did great at creating a place for people to engage their Creator!

Set List

Saturday Band

Electric: Troy Kennedy
Electric: Richard McCroskey
Keys: Jason Morris
Bass: Steve Palmer
Drums: James Wooten

Sunday Band

Electric: Matt Anzalone
Keys: Darren Roberts / Kasey Robinson
Bass: Paul Infanti
Drums: Caleb Baker

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