To say that this weekend has been busy would be an understatement. I was very grateful that I was able to enjoy a day off with my wife on Friday because Sat and Sun have been crazy.
Friday night we went the Royals game and saw their fireworks.
We got home around 11:30pm and were already dreading waking up the night morning to run a 10K.

It stormed that night and when my alarm went off at 4:30am I was regretting that I volunteered to drive a couple of my friends who were going to run as well. I was looking for a way out. Checking the radar. Sending text messages to my friends at 4:30 to see if I could coax them into sleeping in and skipping the race do to the weather around. Jason calls me back and says “Its not raining here!” Not wanting to be a party pooper I get out of bed followed by my wife and get ready to run the longest race I’ve ever run.

Good news is I finished in under 51 min. Bad news is that stairs make me cringe.

We had services on Sat night. We were low on volunteers so I fulfilled 3 roles. I directed the band, hadled the technical direction and was the drummer. I was praying that all of our volunteers would show up and thankfully they did.

Robert Young was a huge help in making the evening a success with the addition of baptisms. Jimmy Nickelsen, our Speedway Worship leader, and now, Assistand Music Director, lead on Sat. And did a great job in his bluesy tone.

Today, Troy led and the entire team did a great job leading. We introduced a new song of Troy’s around baptism. In my opinion, it’s one of the best one’s he has written.

Our new Assistant Techunical director, Wes Koetje, started this weekend. Wohoo!

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