Tomorrow, Jason, Troy, Jimmy, Brad and myself will be spending the day at the Lansing Prison to work with their ministry team.

We have been able to team up with a ministry discipleship program in this prison. After much prayer and talks with their warden, we have had taken this group of prisoners in as a 4th campus to the Westside Family. The last two weeks they have been receiving our weekend messages for their weekend services.

The ministry is a discipleship program where they learn the Word of God and can develop certain skills to help them contribute back to society. Each weekend they have a service and the worship is prisoner led. We will be spending the day with those who are involved in the planning and execution of their worship service.

We will be teaching the team some songs as well as doing one-on-one clinics with their musicians, singers, techs and worship leaders.

Tomorrow night we will have a service with all the inmates who are a part of the discipleship program. It is a privilege to be granted this type of access by the warden of a maximum security prison. We are excited about this opportunity.

This relationship has been cultivated by Jimmy and Brad (our Speedway Worship Leader and Campus Pastor). They have worked hard in building the trust of the prison leadership to allow us to have this opportunity.

There has been talk with the warden about maybe doing a summer worship concert for all the prisoners. How cool would that be! So far, the warden has shown us favor in the first talks of planning this event.

Please keep us in your prayers tomorrow and I look forward to giving an update of how the day went. I wish I could give updates throughout the day, but we will not be allowed to take in our phones.

2 thoughts on “Going to Prison

  1. I would absolutely LOVE to go. I have been up there twice with Brad and Jimmy when they did their worship nights (ran media shout and powerpoint). Incredible experience. Will be praying for you all …

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