You can count on it. When you strongly confront sin like we did last weekend you can guarantee that there will be bumps in the road. Now, I’m not one to look for a devil under behind everything, but I’m also not naive that demons do not exist and are making every effort for the church to fail.

This weekend we had our 3rd message in the series, Deal With It. The topic. LUST. 

We had things go weird like batteries dying in the message, clicking sounds during the message and a dog in one of the services with dog tags that made a loud noise every time it shook. 

Those, however annoying, weren’t enough to keep God from changing hearts. It was awesome seeing men and women respond to the message and come forward for prayer. 

The weekend worship set was:

Salvation’s Chorus (North Point: Louder Than Creation)
Lift High (North Point: Louder Than Creation)
How Wonderful(In All the Universe: Troy Kennedy)
In the Splendor(In All the Universe: Troy Kennedy)
In All the Universe (In All the Universe: Troy Kennedy)

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