We were in staff on Tuesday, celebrating the launch of our Saturday night service with breakfast and testimonies, when one of our Children’s Pastors started talking about the overwhelming task of getting volunteers for the children’s department. They were going to provide full programs for kids and it was large undertaking to get volunteers for 4 services on one day, let alone volunteers for 2 more services on a totally different day.

She went on to tell how new volunteers began to get plugged in and that in two weeks time, she went from saying “How” to saying “Wow.”

It got me thinking, along with many others – I know (Dan S. said he might just write a book on it). Moses had a How to Wow moment. God tells him to cross the Red Sea. Moses says “How?” God tells Moses what to do and Moses believes and obeys. Next, the Israelites are crossing the Red Sea. I can imagine Moses with his arms up in the air with staff in hand, watching millions of people walk between water-built walls thinking “Wow.”

Then I think of the disciples coming to Jesus and letting Jesus know that it’s lunch time and these people need to eat like the rest of us. Jesus looks at them and says “You feed them.” I can see John looking at Peter, then at James and back at Jesus and saying “How? we have only 5 loaves and 2 fish.”

Jesus says, “Bring it to me.” And then He tells the disciples to give it to the people. The disciples believed God and obeyed and they went from asking “How?” to saying “Wow.”

What is God asking you to do that you are saying “How?” He just might want you to believe and obey so you can be one that makes the transition from “How” to “Wow.”

What have you criticized that is a “How” thing but might be a “Wow” thing?

One thought on “How To Wow

  1. Wow! Good Point. I like that line "what have you criticized that is a "How" thing but might be a "Wow" thing."

    I definitely have a bunch of "How" things I'd like to see turn into "Wow" things.

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