After much anticipation, we started our Saturday Night service tonight. I was unsure about how many people would be there but to my amazement we had over 700 people on our first night.  Our 5 o’clock service was the largest. The 6:30 service was a little sparse, but we were expecting that.

That means that we opened up 700 seats for our Sunday AM peak times. It was a good move to go to Sat night. We were planning on doing this in the Fall but attendance spiked early in January that made our leadership make the call to launch Sat nights now.

I’m interested to see what next Sat is like. With this being Super Bowl weekend, I’m wondering if some people took advantage of this tonight to get ready for social things tomorrow. I guess we’ll see.

Here are a couple of photos from the evening. Our band was tight:

Troy: Electric, Lead Worshiper
Alex: Lead Electric
Jordan: Acoustic
Jason Morris: Keys
Greg Gibbs: Bass
Jason Mills: Reason (that was nice)
Kasey (Me): Drums

We had our Vocal Team in full force tonight and it rocked. And Crystal did awesome on the ppt.




Notice in the pic below that Jared made 2 signs for Pastor Dan so he wouldn’t mention “tonight” in the message since the regionals would be watching this message in the morning.


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