Back in KC. Had a good trip. It was hard for me to do nothing and that’s what was on the agenda while visiting Cassie’s oldest sister and husband in Austin.

It gave me the oppostunity to read. Knocked out “rules for Revolutionaries” and “He Chose the Nails.” while reading the latter I found myself laughing in one paragragh and tearing up in the next.

I also had the chance to do add some final design touches to this blog.

Cassie was able to spend some good time with her sisters and I was able to hang with Ron who is leaving on Thurs. for his 4th deployment to Iraq. We also had some great times with our 2 nieces.

Today, I did something I haven’t done in years. I read a book in one day. It wasn’t that long of a book, 180 pages, but hey I haven’t had this opportunity in a while. A layover in Denver sure helps that out.

The book was “Wild Goode Chase.” Mark Batterson challenged me to embrace the Chase.

Btw. Denver has a cool place to charge your phones, comps, and they even have a place for a USB to be plugged into. Do you think that churches should have charging stations?

Also, we succomed to the direct tv charge to watch the bowl game during the flight.

Well gotta get some shut-eye. Tomorrow I’ll post a summary of “Wild goose Chase.” I took notes with my iPhone notes app. It was very convenient for this type of thing.

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