Success has many meanings. Some say it is on what you accomplish. Others say it’s in who you influence. Success for me will be different than success for everyone else. The way we measure success is based on our view what success is.

I don’t equate met goals with success. I equate growth with success. 

Some might call it a cop-out. Others might say that a person that doesn’t set goals never accomplishes anything, but here are a couple of reasons why the quantity of goals that I set are few.

1:: Growth is the goal.

A lot of times we set “goals” without having “growth” in mind. When goals are made without the desire to grow, they just become notches on a belt and trophies on a shelf.

2:: Goals can sidetrack us from opportunities.

When we become set on accomplishing a goal and life throws us a curve ball, we can develop a skewed view of the opportunity in front of us. We will sometimes look at the “curve ball” (whether it be an illness, job loss, or any other setback) and see it as an obstacle to our goal instead of an opportunity that God might be wanting to use to develop us.

3:: Goals should be set to assist our Growth.

If I want to grow in a specific area. My goals will reflect that desire to grow. If I want to my body to grow in it’s health, then I will set goals to make me healthier. When I am wanting to understand more about God in a specific area, I will read materials and study scripture and set goals to memorize scripture to help me grow in that area.

Goals should always be set to help us grow. When a goal doesn’t assist our growth, then it’s a no better than driving without a destination.

Set goals with growth in mind.

One thought on “Why I pursue Growth, not Goals

  1. Good thought, I agree.
    I want to live an intentional life that is on target. I don't want to be like Charlie Brown who shoots an arrow and the goes and draws the target around where the arrow landed, claiming that he has never missed.
    Good stuff thanks for sharing.

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