Yesterday we had our third week of “when love comes to town.” Dan talked on “Love Rescues.”

With it being the week before the main Christmas weekend we jumped more into the Christmas spirit by adding a couple of carols to the set.

I was on the schedule to lead this weekend so I had the privelege of choosing the songs.

I pulled out a carol that I arranged my last Christmas at Crown Pointe with the help of Mary Buboltz: “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”

I gave it to Jason and he worked his magic and turned it into a pretty sweet arrangement.

We then went into “Happy Day, Breathe on Me (Todd Fields), How Great Is Our God.” after the second time through the bridge of “how great” we sang the tag of “O Come All Ye Faithful” then went into the Matt Redman Arrangement of the song.

It appeared to be a pretty strong set. My perception of the day was a little scewed as everything felt off to me since I was taking some cold medicine and was fighting a stopped up head.

Jared helped me out a ton by geting my mic sounding great in my ears.

It was reassuring to watch the service today. It was better than I thought. It wasn’t perfect, but it wasn’t as bad as I felt it was. The band did great, even when Jason started Happy Day during the second service instead of O Come O Come. That was actually pretty funny. Graphics and video were right there with us on the change.

Dan Southerland pointed out something cool today: Weatside saw three worship leaders in a weeks time. Troy last Sunday. Jimmy on Wednesday and myself on Sunday.

I am very grateful for Troy trusting me with the opprotunity to lead, I love doing it.

Well it is time for some shut eye. This was a long post to type on my iPhone.

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