I’m writing this as I stand in line at Khols and was just offered a store charge card.

They are having a huge sale today and I’ve been waiting in line to check put nose for 7 min and I’m not even close to the register.

I wonder how many people around me are cutting back on their spending this year? Most everyone has on a couple of things in hand.

2 thoughts on “Standing in line

  1. I was there Saturday am as well. I had to leave to pick up Jeff and Colton from basketball practice… I thought I would be able to pick up the few things I needed and be back in time. Boy was I wrong… I ended up hiding my items over in the far west women's clothing section (I call it the old lady section) so I could go pick the boys up and return to purchase my items. As I was leaving the store announced all the "hour of power" sale items would remain in their computers until 2pm. I returned later and purchased all I had hidden and added a few more items. It was great!

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