This long day is now over. Well, at least for me. As I type this on my iPhone while laying in my nice warm bed, my wife is in the kitchen writing a paper that’s do this week… Her day isn’t over yet. Wish I could write it for her.

The day started with an early morning rehearsal call at 6:30a. It was one of those mornings like a couple weeks ago where things were going wacko. Sound equip was wacky, pro video was crashing, and musicians weren’t meshing. It seemed like a rough morning was ahead, except for the fact that we have experienced plenty of these days in the ministry and it is during these moments we need to be more focussed on the end goal and less on the circumstances because if we press through we will find out that those mishaps are only barriers to a breakthrough.

That’s what happened today. We didn’t let these crazy things draw our focus away from worshipping God.

We opened up with We Shine (which is still humorous for me to see our 8:30 crowd wake up to this song).

We then did a welcome then the bumper video. Pastor Schaun, our missions pastor, came out then and did a passionate “Thank You Jesus” presentation about the great things that has happened over the year in our missions efforts. He focussed on individual lifechanging stories such was heartbreaking and compelling.

Next, Pastor Dan came out and opened up the new series “when Love Comes to Town.”

Dan led us into communion and out Harvest Offering. During that time we sang the following:
Prepare the Way
Revelation Song
Thank You For Hearing Me

Dan then wrapped up the service and we left singing Troy’s song, “One Life.”

We had a great time of worship and there was a sweet presence during communion.

I roamed around this morning. But I got to play keys and sing backup at the 5pm service. I love playing! In fact, tonights band was tight! Rehearsal went great and the worship set was the best of the day. Now that could have been the feeling cause I was on keys and I think it’s easier for me to worship while behind the ivories.

All in all, one great day. Thank you God for letting me do this!

(I used a lot of exclamation marks in this post!)

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