This week was an odd week in the fact that it sometimes felt like it was flying by but right now last Monday feels like it was 3 weeks ago.

It felt crazy around the office in getting ready for today and getting all the elements together for the upcoming series and our new year series.

This weekend was good all around. There was definitely a different vibe with everyone today. Everyone seemed mellow, except for the 5 pm service which were primed and ready to worship.

We started the service with a intro song that Jason wrote. We then went into

Salvation’s Chorus (North Point)
Scripture (Isaiah 55)
Let Me Sing (North Point)
You are My Strength (Hillsong)
Rise (Robbie Seay)

I had fun preparing for this weekend. It was the challenge that made it fun. Jason, our music director came down with a stomach thing on thursday so I got to jump in and help direct the Sunday morning band. Thanks for bearing with me team!

I helped with vocals in the morning then played keys and sang during the pm service.

Thanks Troy for letting me lead “You Are My Strength.”

Randy Coleman was in from and he did a great job and tore it up. His message was on Extravagant Prayer.

His points were taken from John 17.
– give me your glory that I might glorify you.
– may those closest to me posess the full measure of your joy.
– may all Christ’s followers live in unity.

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