We kicked off Extravagant Generosity yesterday as a new series and as an continuation of Scandalous Grace. Dan preached on Extravagant Giving and really encouraged the people to make margin in their finances to be able to give.

We have been starting the worship services off with a “Service Intro” piece that Jason has been writing. It is a 1 min song that is just a musical element to start the service off and to be a bumper to get people in the building. He’s doing a great job at writing these elements.

After the opener, Troy read a verse from the Scriptures and we went into “We Shine.” We then did a song Troy wrote entitled “Right Now.” From there we went to Revelation Song (highlighted by the Rhodes – love it) then went into “Song of Hope.”

I was in a cloudy state all morning and really didn’t want to be there. Playing keys was very hard, but during the 3rd service I felt great. I’m so glad that I don’t have to feel good in order for it to please God. I think He likes it more when we do it when we don’t feel like it. (Psalms 34:1 – hmmm… that would make a good website p341.com)

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