After getting in at 1:30a early this morning, we are rested, fed and ready to get on the boat.

Our flight was overbooked last night so our flight delayed in taking off wich made us late in getting to Orlando. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that Enterprise closes at midnight and their offices are a couple miles away rom the airport.

I caught the driver and he assured me they would wait. Thank you, Enterprise for waiting for us. And thank you, lady behind the counter for upgrading to the Jeep Commander, with the col key.

It is kinda weird not doing anything on a Sat. It is my only da on the weekend and my only day off, and I normaly hit it running with house errands and to dos. I am definitely looking forward to this week.

We are sitting at the Port Canaveral enterprise awaiting our shuttle. So, in the words of delirious: "Whoa, o o, here we go!"

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