We wrapped up the series entitled “Scandalous Grace” yesterday with a powerful message on forgiveness.

We had been praying that yesterday would be a life changing milestone for Westside and I believe it was. It was fulfilling to see people come to the altar with tears in their eyes and the desire to break the chains of unforgiveness in their lives.

Pastor Dan started the message walking out with a ball and chain (thanks to Jared’s engineering) and he tied unforgiveness to the chains that hold us back.

At the end of the message he described how forgiveness will free us from our chains as he unlocked the shackle around his foot. We went into Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) by Chris Tomlin and people began to come forward and be healed of their unforgiveness. It was a moving time where you saw the freedom on their faces as they began to come down. It is amazing to see God do what only he can do in a person’s life! Thank you to all the band and vocal team who went down and prayed with people as they were dealing with their unforgiveness.

The set we did was:
Holding Nothing Back
Everlasting God
Mighty to Save
We Shine
Ending on the upbeat song allowed pastor Dan the freedom to deliver a heavy message.

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