We had a great day yesterday. They Vocal Team choir was singing strong, the band memorized the music and were even singing. I love it when the band engages and even sings, much less memorize the music. The congregation worshiped with enthusiasm and passion.

We opened with Tomlin’s “Let God Arise” then Dan S. came out and did a shout out to the church and prepped his message. After that we went into:

Let the People Praise Him (Troy Kennedy)
Breathe On Me (Todd Fields)
From the Inside Out (Hillsong)

Even at the 5pm service, the congregation was pumped and into the worship. Troy did a reprise of Let God Arise after the welcome and we had a great set. It was good to see the 5pm gaining in attendance. We’ve been asking people to step away from 10 & 11:30 and move to 8.3 or 5p and it also helped that the youth began their Sunday night services this week too following the 5p.

I look forward to the weeks ahead!

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