Another great day with Pastor Dan Sutherland now at the helm. However, it didn’t go without it’s hick-ups. It just goes to prove that some things you just cannot predict.

For instance, the first service was going great and then Pastor Dan came out during the prayer. It would sound like this was ok, but we were suppose to sing one more song before he made his appearance. Jared and I were trying to figure a way to let Dan know, by wailing our arms and flashing lights. Jared even began to head to the sound booth to tell one of the band members to let him know. He figured it out, and before the prayer was over, disappeared from the stage, no one noticed.

Then during the second service, Dan’s headset went out and no one was there to cover to get the the handheld turned on.

The third service went very well. Speaking of the Well… like that segue? We had a great time of worship. There was a great attitude of worship in the place. And then, Dan S. comes out, but he had forgot his mic. So I run out and get it to him so get can get wired for sound.

Pastor Dan preached a great message on the Holy Spirit. If you missed it, download it from the website.

Despite the hick-ups, which I like to write about because it reminds us that we are human and keeps us humble, it was a great day. We have a new lead teaching Pastor and an exciting future ahead of us.

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