Just Courage: Charging the Darkness
Leadership Summit :: Session 2 :: Gary Haugen
International Justice Mission

  1. God’s passion for the World.

Injustice about the abuse of power that takes away something that God intends for man to have. Eccl 4:1

What does injustice look like?

God is passionate about Justice

God’s plan for working out justice in the world.
– We’re the light, and God’s plan
– Is 1:17;

If you want your leadership to matter, lead the things that matter to God.

How do we lead when the task seems hopeless?

  • Recenter the basis of our hope. (Who God is and what He wants to do)
  • Ill: Jesus feeding the 5,000 (“Give it to me”)
  • If God is passionate about getting it done, He is responsible for getting it done.

How do we lead when the task seems scary?

How do we lead others on a more demanding climb?

4 Choices to effectively lead:

  1. Choose not to be safe
  2. Seek deep spiritual help
  3. Seek excellence
  4. Choose joy.

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