Last week was a pretty rough week as we received news that one of our dogs (which we were keeping at my parents as we relocate to the Kansas side) had died from lighting striking the tree next to her. That was a sad day.

That same day we received word on the 3rd house that we had put an offer on was awarded to a different contract.

Questions rise during times like these, but you can’t let them get the best of you. You have to embrace the circumstances and adjust your attitude to one of “thanks” and “trust” that God has His best interest for you.

Good news that follows the bad is that today we signed our closing docs for the house we sold. 

And better news is that we might make an extra $4k in it. 

So we now wait for the bank to get back with us on the 4th house that we have placed an offer on. 

So I’m signing off, expectantly, hoping that we hear good news on that today.

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