We’ve grouted the tile, but we have run into another hitch. Imagine that. We were going to do the floor grout but we only have one bucket and the faucet outside is frozen because it’s too cold and we couldn’t rinse out the bucket.

I started cutting the sink tonight. Everyone says that this is the hardest part. I think they were saying that because it’s hard to center it and get the cut right.

I have a roto zip which is a pretty cool tool but it doesn’t cut countertops too well. In fact, it goes about an inch an hour. It’s slow. I was only able to cut the two sides and the front in 1 hour. That’s slow. I ended up using the hand saw.

We’re about to go to Walmart and i’m going to see if they have something to get the corners on the back and the back line. It’s too close to the wall to use the roto zip or circular saw. So here’s hoping.

I guess we’ll finish the floor grout tomorrow during the KU game.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Remodel Day 8

  1. You sure are a lot braver than your old dad is. Maybe old is the key. The older I get the easier it is to hire someone else to do the job. Ha! Anyway, I can't wait to see the finished project. I'm so proud of you and Cassie. This along with sweat equity will pay off if and when you decide to move and sell.Dad

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