My wife and I were walking our dogs, Jackson and Lucy, tonight and we got on the subject of our house. We recalled the process of finding our house.

Our price range wasn’t that great and every home that we walked into in our price range turned into discouragement when we walked out. It would look promising on the outside, but we would soon discover the reason each house was still on the market.

We were about to really give-up hope of finding a home that we could afford, when my wife called a gentlemen to ask them their asking price on a home that had some siding and looked nice. Cassie found out that the price was $20,000 over what we could afford, but we decided to drive by it anyway.

As we drove by it we saw another house and got the number. The next day Cassie called to get the price and mentioned that she would talk with me and see if I would like to go see it. Well it sounded good, but we immediately thought, “What’s wrong with this one?”

Cassie then called to set-up a showing for 1:3p. the next day. We arrived to the house and saw the gentlemen that was showing the house and he mentioned that he waited for our call but never heard from us, so he set-up another showing with a different couple and that couple had just left.

Bizzarro… we called him yesterday and he’s showing it to someone else?

Well, he said that he wanted to stay around just in-case we wanted to show-up, and we did, so great..”Show us the house.”

After seeing it, we got in the car and the phone rang. “Why didn’t you show-up today?” said the frustrated gentlemen on the line. When Cassie called to set up the showing, she called the wrong person for the wrong house.

We then looked at each other and were puzzled.

After calling my buddy, Jason Mahurin – who builds houses – to come and look at it, he said it looked in good shape. We then hopped on it and purchased it for $10,000 less that what we were willing to spend.

There is a verse that I have hung on to for a long time. I believe that if I walk in God’s will today, I will be in God’s will tomorrow.

Proverbs 16:9
We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

This story is just one of many of how God has done this for us, and for that we are humbled and grateful.

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