Do you find yourself in situations where you wish you weren’t so critical? Do people accuse you of always criticizing different things? If so, there’s a great rule of thumb that will allow you to gain influence with your peers and leadership in your company, organization, church, club, even at home.

Criticize by creating. Michaelangelo was the person who coined this term. It’s a great way to eliminate criticism from vocabulary. The next time that you want to criticize something, think of a way that you can change it, do it different, or help out. If you can help then do it, otherwise don’t let the criticism fly out.

When you begin to create new options and challenge the process you will gain influence with your peers, company, or organization.

Go for it, give it a shot.

One thought on “Cure for Criticism

  1. Funny that you should credit Michaelango with this comment. The reason he is the only artist credited with the Systine Chapel is because he didn't think that anyone else was competent enough to do it. He started out with a few laymen to help him master the technique of painting on wet plaster, but quickly realized they wouldn't be able to do it "correctly". Thus, he did it all by himself.

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