I was able to meet with Pastor Jason who is in charge of the band at Westside, and he seems like a great guy. He’s a very tasteful guitar player and has a very genuine personality and apparently a highly creative person.

On Sunday we worshiped sitting down and it was cool. The thread running through this sermon series is “uncommon,” so we did music in an uncommon way.

The Creative Leader BookI think that any time a church makes each Sunday different from the normal (to where the unexpected is normal) the experience is greater. Variety builds expectation and change ignites growth.

I’m currently going through Ed Young’s book, “The Creative Leader” and he gives a lot of good tips to inspire the creative gift in all of us. After all we are made in the Creator’s image and we have a reputation to uphold.

Kudos Westside for pursuing the creative element every week, and thanks for letting me audition to be on your team!

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