Last night, Cassie and I attended a benefit for the urban ministry called “Higher Impact.” The company I work for, Meyer Companies, was a sponsor for the event.

The ministry reaches out to the “high risk urban youth” and teaches them job skills, leadership skills, and provides mentoring and accountability. This ministry has been featured by People magazine and has been recognized by the President of the United States.

The night involved a disco band (that was entertaining, more because of their personalities than talent – the lead singer had hair past his shoulder blades and conveniently placed a fan on the floor to blow his hair to make it look like a music video. We also caught him looking at himself in the reflection of the window, doing different poses in his 70’s outfit.) Sorry, got carried away.

The night was catered and was held in the American Jazz Museum which shares the foyer with the Negro League Baseball Museum. The premise of the night was a Hollywood style premier night to honor 7 youth who are a part of this ministry and who created their own film which was viewed in the history GEM theater (pictured on the left, this would be an awesome place to have a church – what a place!)

The founder of Higher Impact, Tyrone Flowers, is a man with an amazing story. Growing up, his father was shot and killed at the age of 7, and beating the odds of his culture, 2 weeks prior to graduating and attending MU on a scholarship, an argument on a basketball court put this MU-bound ball player in the hospital after being shot 3 times. Now flowers is quarantined to a wheelchair.

His determination is a testimony in itself. He truly lives an example of endurance and attitude. After receiving Christ, Flowers, has since forgiven the man who shot him, and has a friendship with him.

An amazing example of a man who made the most of his opportunity, transforming his misfortunes into an investment that changes lives.

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