I did it! I got my first (of hopefully many – but realistically my only) Hole in one on June 23, 2007. I know I’m just now posting it.

I was on the 8th hole of Horton Smith Golf Course in Springfield, MO. It was 145 yard par 3 (obviously, unless I was incredibly lucky on a par 4 and had a monstrous drive) and my shot looked like it was heading for the stick (the flag for non golfers) but it felt like my nine iron was hit too well and it looked like it went long.

After about 4 minutes of looking behind the green, my dad began to walk to the hole and mentioned that he thinks it went in the cup. As he approached the cup, he looked inside and then looked at me pointing to the hole and said “Kasey it’s in the hole, you got a hole in one!”

I was captured into a surreal moment where time stopped. I didn’t know whether to laugh or shout in excitement, so I just casually said “wow.” No emotion other than total shock that I had achieved this.

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