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I loved the creativity in these images.

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What do you creatively do with several hundred feet of pipe? You cut it up of course! And that’s what we did. Based on an idea Jared Wells had, inspired by honeycomb, we drew it up and went to work.

I have to admit, when I draw things, they always look easier when they are on paper. Here is what I mean…

… doesn’t it look easy?… Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Cutting the pipe into 3 1/2″ segments took forever and each frame demanded 380+ pieces each! I think if I would have drawn 380+ circles in the draft, I’d of rethought the whole thing.

We then took the cut pipe and using PVC Cement, we glued them into the 5’x7′ frame. It took 3 hours to glue one frame with 3 people working on it. It took me 3 days to do the second by myself. God bless Michael McCrave and his son for coming after work helping me out with the first frame and filling it and building the second frame. You guys are priceless!

We also built a second screen to fly to compliment the screen we built for Rethinking Church. Big thanks to my buddy Jameson, for helping me out on his day off and building the frame for the screen.

But the real magic happened when Wes, Jared and I put it all together. We reused the 12′  pvc columns that were used for a series a couple of years ago called “Get Wired.

We looked at our work and said, “It is good.” But then we lit it up – well… Jared, our Tech Director, lit it up and it’s amazing what some lights can do to some 750+ PVC holes.

Final Look

Behind the Scenes

Every Wednesday several of us will meet up for Cheap Lunch Wednesday, CLW, for short. We convene at Taco Bell around a $2 value meal and just talk.

I know it’s probably narcissistic, but we have such good conversation, that we actually record it. We’ll cover current events, the latest in technology news, theological issues and the latest music.

Well, today, not only was it recorded, but it was documented. Thanks to Mike Smith, who joins us regularly in a Big Box Value meal, he brought his really, really, really nice camera (he’s a photographer) and documented this epic event.

As you’ll be able to see, we love our conversation mainly because we enjoy hanging with each other.

Listen to an episode… you know you want to. The title is an insight to the centerpiece of our conversation. It’s like a treasure hunt for our 1’s of listeners.

Also, if you like these pics, Mike and his wife, Julie, are great photographers. Check out their work.

Tyson H. Photography

Tyson also is a great sport and wildlife photographer. Check out his  gallery.

CLW Cast on Twitter


Series Branding

We branded “This Old Home” off the tv show, “This Old House.”

Series Set

We kept our “Rethinking Church” set up (PVC Pipe), since it used PVC and second, because it was pretty cool – of course.

Creative Plussing

To introduce each week, we wanted to bring in some humor so we created 4 situations that men could help around the home and then put a spin on it. Wes Koetje, Jimmy Nickelsen, and Jason Mills did most the leg work on the videos and they will make you laugh.

Week 1 Bumper

Week 2 Bumper

Week 3 Bumper

Week 4 Bumper

Every year, when approaching and preparing for a highly attended weekend like Easter or Christmas where you get a lot of CEO’s (Christmas Easter Only) and unchurched coming, we try to create an experience that is rich in content and creativity. This is tough to do even though it sounds easy in concept.

This Easter, our Worship Arts Team met this mark and produced a rich Easter worship experience. We started the service off with an opening video that highlighted the fact that Jesus came to this earth and His own people rejected Him. It was a high energy monologue by our Student Worship Leader, Chloe.

The music bed was written by our Music Director, Jason Mills, and was performed live to a click track that was synced using Pro-Tools and Pro Presenter*.

Easter Opener

Maria’s Painting

During the entire service, we had Maria Morris paint a 4×4′ portrait. It started off with Jesus on the cross and ended with Him standing outside the empty tomb. We sold the paintings from each service for $400 each and the money went to IMPACT ministry efforts.


Run (Hillsong: This is Our God)
Our God (Chris Tomlin: Passion Awakening)
Scripture Reading: Isaiah 52:13-53:11 & Hebrews 12:1-2 (NLT)
Lead Me to the Cross (Hillsong United: Awakening)


Pastor Dan then spoke. His teaching was centered on this:

“The message of the church is salvation through the cross and power for life through the empty tomb.”

At the end of the message the band came back out and played How Deep the Father’s Love (Sarah Sadler: The Ultimate Worship Collection). After the song, Pastor Dan came back up and gave an invitation and our best guesses would say around 200-250+ made a first time decision to follow Jesus.

Watch the Service here. Click on “Rethinking Church” then click on the Easter Message.

*Email me for information on how Jared, our Tech Director, synced the video and pro-tools via midi.

This is creative on so many levels. Dare2Share is using this to get people to go to to find answers to their questions about God.

Rethinking Church was a series to go back into the days of the early church and see what made them the movement they were. We wanted to take a futuristic approach to this series since it came on the heels of our Sent series that took an ancient look. To accomplish this futuristic look we looked to Tron as our inspiration.

We designed a stage to match the look and feel of the series brand.

Original sketch

Due to the price of the PVC we eliminated the fifth panel under the screen.

Materials Used

  • 260 – linear feet of 4 inch PVC pipe

  • 64 – 90 degree elbow joints

  • 12 – couplers (just in case, and we were glad we did)

  • 3 – 4’x8′ coroplast panels

  • 60′ – 1×2 (frame for center screen)

Construction Process

We delegated the measuring of the pipe to create the design to 2 people who came back with the measurements on the right.

They went ahead and cut all the pipe on a Friday and we assembled it on the following Monday.

It looked great on paper and it looked just as good assembled on the floor. But when we flew it, there was obviously an error somewhere. They were definitely out of proportion.

So after a phone call to my engineering friend, Sam McCord and calling in our master plumber Jimmy Nickelsen (who is also our Speedway Campus Worship Leader), we came up with a game plan to extend the long legs of each section by 3 inches.

With Jimmy in the lift and 2 of us holding the structures as they flew, we began sawzawing away at the long legs and extending them with a coupler.

It was the remedy, but it wasn’t easy. As we began to cut, the joints loosened and some of the structures came apart making it harder to glue as they were already suspended in the air.

With patience and more patience, we held each piece as the glue set and all was copasetic.

We had one more thing to troubleshoot. The bottom of the 2nd structure, which was flown from the structure above, wasn’t parallel to the ground. So Jared, our Technical Director, cut some PVC pipe to support the structures from the ground. This also prevented them from moving.

Jared then made the magic happen by adding lights to the set and the end result was great.

It’s always a privilege to have the volunteers to help take these stage designs from a poor sketch on paper to a final product.

1 – Go to
2 – Select “MP3 Downloads in the Search Drop-Down Menu
3 – Type “Step” into the search and click go or hit enter
4 – Sort the list by “best selling”
5 – Play the second selection from the top. (title=”First Step“)
6 – Enjoy. Laugh. Share. See… no more stress.

Check out how North Point opened their service with iPads and iPhones. I don’t want to know how much time that took to pull off.

3 of 10 people have a unique artistic gift.

I read this stat in “Exponential,” by the Ferguson brothers, and if this is true we should have the talent in our churches and organizations to never be without need when it comes to needing more artists.

The question then becomes, “How do we strategically identify artists and involve them in our communities to bring impact?”

This is not a post giving our steps for doing this. I think Westside has an opportunity here. I’m posting this looking for input and answers.

Speak up if you have any ideas by commenting below.