Acts 17:6… “these men who have turned the world upside down have come here also.”
How can we see the movement of God that God desires.
Level 1: Subtracting
Level 2: Plateauing
Level 3: Adding
Level 4: Reproducing
Level 5: Multiplying
Language leads us.
Language leads us and helps us to learn.
Level church: 50% growth in the number of church. 50% discipleship growth to the third generation.
Church planting is the greatest method of evangelism.
Churches are having less of an “evangelistic” impact.
The ultimate gaol is multiplication.
Movements are marked by multiplication.
22% of churches started in 2012 had at least 1 daughter church within 5 years.
Embrace a kingdom vision.
Multiplication without evangelism is just moving sheep.
Multiplication is the tool. Gospel life change is the goal. It comes by loving the lost.
A movement without conversion is a movement in the wrong direction.
Churches who were intentional at evangelism had a higher likelihood of being majorly unchurched.
Unless you love the lost, you will never reach the lost.
You can’t war against the people and then reach the people.
Six things to encourage
1) Remind people we evangelize because at some point someone evangelized us.
2) Teach people how normal evangelism should be.
3) Utilize multiple evangelism methods.
4) Celebrate and share stories of members who have met Christ.
5) Make sure leaders are cheerleaders for evangelism.
6) Teach the gospel consistently well.
Don’t assume the gospel. Teach the gospel.

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