4% to 10%
Level 1: Decline
Level 2: Plateauing
Level 3: Addition (16% of churches)
Level 4: Reproducing (4% of churches in america; half did it on purpose)
Level 5: Multiplying (barely any in america)
4% of all churches in America are reproducing or multiplying.
10% is what is possible for the American church to do.
That’s an inflection point.
This is where a new opportunity presents itself.
The turning point that changes direction.
An event that turns the way we think.
Over 8,000 multi-site churches in America.
There is a shift in what the church says success is.
It’s not grow and reproduce.
What is coming is grow and multiply.
What do we do?
Motives. Is this church about my kingdom or God’s kingdom?
Measurements. Is this church going to be about growing or sending?
What we measure improves. What we celebrate gets repeated.
Methods. Am I more about relaxing or risk-taking?

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