The best thing a church has to offer has nothing to do with the programs, children’s service, contemporary music, contemplative moments, symbols or sacraments. 

It’s not practical teaching around a series, or an exegetical journey through a book. 

It’s not a building that looks like a warehouse or a building laid of stone in the early century. 

It’s not chairs and not pews. It’s not video games for students or video behind a band of guitars. 

It’s not pallet walls or coffee that was acquired fairly. It’s not a man in a robe or a teacher who looks like a host on MTV. 

It’s not degrees behind a name or number of prayer meetings a week. 

The best thing the church has to offer is us. 

Because when people get close to the body of Jesus, they get close to Jesus. 

They get close to experiencing the amazing love of Jesus that we,so graciously, are empowered and called to give. 

They are close to the good news of Jesus that will wreck anyone for the good. 

When people far from God get close to Jesus by getting close to the people of Jesus, our life story becomes the opportunity to share His story.

Why do we need more churches? 

This is why. 

People don’t see Jesus until they first see the Church of Jesus. By seeing the church of Jesus, they see Jesus in the Church. 

People don’t experience the amazing grace of Jesus until they experience grace from the Church of Jesus. 

People don’t encounter the love of Jesus until they encounter the love from the Church. 

So on Sunday, when you go to that building  people label a church, think about it…

What is the best thing we have to offer?

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