If you have attended Westside, either in person or if you are one of the 900 watching online, you have noticed the music the last 3 weeks has been a casserole dish of variety.

In this series, RSVP, we are looking at the invitations God has extended to us. As a worship team, we decided since all invitations are unique, let’s create each weekend with a unique vibe.

Week one, we focused on “Talk to Me.” We treated the worship set with a coffee shop vibe.

Week two, we centered on the invitation to “Come to Me.” we saw that as a dinner invitation and had a jazz/crooner influence with Greg Gibbs tearing up the vocals and Jason Mills making Love Invades sound ridiculously good as a jazz tune.

Week three, last week, was “Listen to Me.” We went classic rock with our Santana/Kansas musical arrangements.

Week four, this coming Sunday, is “Follow Me.” Expedition, safari, Africa… Yeah… That’s what this will be.

And our music director has one of our South African church planters, Steve Colin, working with him on the arrangements of “Here and Now” and “Our God,” to name a few.


Week five will be our last week and we are “putting on the ritz” for this “ball/classical” music vibe that will finish our series off with a remember able service focussing on Jesus call to “join him.”

You can watch the previous weeks at the link below and don’t miss out on the experience this week, in person or online (http://bit.ly/WFCOnline)

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