New Hat For the Kit

I took Jared, our Technical Director, with me to Explorers Percussion in the Waldo district to buy a hi-hat. Jared knows what sound would be mic’ed best for our mix and I know what feel we want as drummers.

After 20 minutes of playing different hi-hats we narrowed down to two different hats.

Meinl Soundcaster Custom or Sabian AAX-Celerator.

Both were pretty close in the sound we were wanting for kit integrity and for mixing.

Both 14″ hats were priced at around $320.00 so where I normally would go with the cheaper of the two when dealing with this close of a decision, we actually had to get picky about what we wanted.

The Meinl Soundcaster had a slightly warmer tone and we decided that the Sabian AAX-Celerator, with the slightly brighter tone will cut through the mix better.

We currently have 2 AAX Explosion Crashes and a Z Custom Crash/Ride. The Sabian AAX-Celerator hats blend well with the other cymbals and gives a crisp but strong attack for the mix.