I took Jared, our Technical Director, with me to Explorers Percussion in the Waldo district to buy a hi-hat. Jared knows what sound would be mic’ed best for our mix and I know what feel we want as drummers.

After 20 minutes of playing different hi-hats we narrowed down to two different hats.

Meinl Soundcaster Custom or Sabian AAX-Celerator.

Both were pretty close in the sound we were wanting for kit integrity and for mixing.

Both 14″ hats were priced at around $320.00 so where I normally would go with the cheaper of the two when dealing with this close of a decision, we actually had to get picky about what we wanted.

The Meinl Soundcaster had a slightly warmer tone and we decided that the Sabian AAX-Celerator, with the slightly brighter tone will cut through the mix better.

We currently have 2 AAX Explosion Crashes and a Z Custom Crash/Ride. The Sabian AAX-Celerator hats blend well with the other cymbals and gives a crisp but strong attack for the mix.


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  1. Praying for you and Beto to have peace as you lean hard on the Lord in this time, knowing that the more you lean, the more of His sterngth you have. And of course praying for your sweet boy. <3

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