Catalyst Session 1 Highlights

Andy Stanley

The more successful you are, the less accessible you’ll become.

We react to this truth in two ways:

  1. Refuse to face this reality: Lead to burnout by trying to be there for all people
  2. Use our success to become more inaccessible than necessary. Unawareness becomes bliss.

Galatians 6:9-12

You can’t shut it all out.
You can’t take it all on.

Do for one what you wish you could do for everyone.

Myth: We have to be fair.
Truth: Fairness ended in the Garden of Eden

Don’t be fair. Be engaged.


  1. Go deep rather than wide
  2. Go long-term rather than short term
  3. Go time not just money

When we do for one, we often end up doing more for just one.