If you are like me, you want to maximize everything. You multi-task. You’ll avoid wasting time. You don’t purchase items you’ll won’t use 6 mos from now.

But when it comes to relationships and everyday run-ins with people, how do we treat these engagements? From the person who gives you your drink at “5bucks” or the cashier at the grocery store.

One of the definitions of an investment is “a contribution.” Every encounter you have is an opportunity for you to contribute and invest into that person’s day.

When we begin to look at the guy standing behind us as we are waiting at the post office as an investment opportunity, it will change the way we engage them. Instead of being a passive bystander, you have the opportunity to contribute to their day.

This is one of the ways I treat life and the people I encounter. Whether it be a smile to the mom who is frustrated with her kids in the store, or the simple gesture of opening the door for the elderly man who is slowing me down from entering the Big Box Store – they are opportunities for me to contribute to their day.

In this way, I can give life to those around me.

What if you began to treat every encounter as an investment?…

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