It’s not about hitting a home run every weekend. We just want base hits. Players who swing for the fence every time, strike out a lot. In ministry, we don’t need home runs every week.  Don’t feel like every week you have to have the jaw dropping experience. Each week is about creating environments of excellence where we eliminate distractions that lead away from Life Change and allow Holy Spirit to work in lives.

To do this you have to clearly define what success looks like for your area of ministry and clearly communicate it to your team.

Our team goal is to: ______________________________________________________________________

1st Impressions: no one passes me without me saying “welcome to mychurchname.”
Kids: no parent or kid goes un-noticed.
Students: No loners this weekend.
Worship/Production Team: Have the songs memorized so we can lead people in worship without depending on the music.
Audio: Mics are on at the right time. 
Lights & Video: Create smooth transitions on time.

What areas do you need to be consistent in and have you communicated clearly what your expectations are?

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