The High Drama of Decision Making
Leadership Summit :: Session 1 :: Bill Hybels


  1. What does the Bible say?
  2. What would smart advisers advise me to do?
  3. What have you learned from:
    • the Pains of Past decisions?
    • the Gains of Past decisions?
    • the Experiences of the Past?
  4. Is the Holy Spirit prompting me? Romans 8:6
  • Leaders take the call of making the decision and take the responsibility of the decision.
  • If a decision comes out well, thank those who were involved
  • If a decision comes out bad, you take the blame.

“The best way to destroy your enemy is to turn him into your friend” (President Lincoln)

“Create motion for motions sake.” (Bob Galven)

“Check your ego at the door.”
“Promote a clash of ideas.”
“Reward your best performers and get rid of your worst performers.” (Colin Powell :: The Po)

“Vision leads”
“Get the right people around the ‘problem-solving’ table.”
“Facts are your friends.”
“When something feels funky… engage.”
“Leaders call fouls.”
“Take a flier.” “Take a calculated risk.”
“This is church.” (Bill Hybel) 1 Tim 6

They ended with an ensemble singing A Capella “Send Your Rain.” Wow that was good.

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